Human Error

Victoria Siemer, also know as Witchoria, is a graphic designer hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Human Error is a series of nostalgic polaroids that depict the broken heart as a computerized error that may or may not be restored in a few mouseclicks. 

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30 days challenge : day 8

day 8 : Three things you want to say to different people


to every woman who always spending their allowance to shop everything

"go somewhere you’ve never been, and try go alone. maybe you will ask to yourself first -ngapain sendirian? sedih amat- but if you did think that, you absolutely trapped in the time you wasted. go to somewhere new make you feel more grateful about how Allah is the greatest to give you all his blessing. enjoy His creatures and meet other people who totally different with you. talk, breath in such a new air, be friend with a tree you see at the first time, and take pictures of sky day and night."

to every girl who just feel so hard to grow up

"I know it’s so not easy to be a good girl when you know nothing about life. When I was a teenager, I only know how to get all my grades high, even be the best than my bestfriend. I studied and prayed so hard. my teenager was a simple life. study, be a good daughter to my parents, be nice oldest sister, be bestfriend to everybody in school, and fell in love with such a charming boy. that’s all.

but I knew how hard life is when you started to handle everything by yourself yet you still didn’t know what to do.

so, I just want to tell you this: respect for yourself, please. don’t let people discourage you, don’t let everybody say about what you are because you are yourself who know you, don’t let boy/boys making you like a crap and you allow them to do anything they want just because you’re afraid you will lose him. no. NO is a no, and you have to stick with that. you are precious and you only let a special guy who own you when the time is right. you just have to respect yourself and think that you are deserve more than that.”

to a man who loved me when I didn’t

"I know maybe those people will not read this but I just wanna tell about this. So, I’m not sorry. not because I didn’t give you all answers you wanted but I am not sorry for making you come into my life.

now I know how it feels when you love somebody deeply but you can’t have them. it is painful, yes of course. so, instead of giving you a chance to make me love you, I prefer you to find another to cherish your life. because if you want me to make you happy, well you can’t. I’m just having fun to know that there is somebody loves me that much and make an effort to see me. so, don’t.

I’m selfish, right? but I’m not sorry because you deserve someone who loves you wholeheartedly.”

suka vampire weekend karena nyimak tumblr-mu.Ngedengerin musik mereka bikin mood jd seru.Thanks din

woah I’m so glad to hear thaaat! Vampire weekend emang a must list to listen in forever year! thank you gitaaaa :D

30 days challenge : day 7

day 7 : Do you read? What are your favorite books?


I don’t have any of fave book that I remember now. I love to read but I don’t have a book I keep to read forever. most fave so far is Perahu Kertas because of Kugy, the rest of Dee’s books are just interesting to read once or two times for me.

I know now I am such a magazine person, not a book.

oh my Allah, this is sad.

30 days challenge - day 6

day 6 : what band or musician is most important to you?


I said before that my favorite band is Vampire Weekend.

and I’m gonna say it again, why I favorite them

I love all their song, since the Vampire Weekend album untill the Modern Vampires of The City, there is nothing I hate about.


try to listen and see this video and you will understand

vampire weekend - mansard roof

that’s the first time I’m in love with them, and I knew I will always be.

all their songs are positive and make myself got better whenever my life is such a mess, whenever someone is such a bullshit, whenever some people make me mad and want to hit them with a big rock. kidding.

in the morning when the sun shines to my face, Vampire Weekend can complete my morning time.

in the noon when I’m so lazy to death, I see their weird attitude and make me feel a lot better

in the evening when I’m going home, I listen and see how people have a lot of struggling time more than I am.

now you see how they are so important to me?

actually I love some others too like The Libertines, Bombay Bicycle Club, Arctic Monkeys, Local Natives, and many more

but the best is Vampire Weekend because they are the most weird and clever band I’ve ever heard.


30 days challenge : day 5

day 5 : 5 places you want to visit



All cities like Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo are a must list to go.

Korea, especially Seoul.

Paris France Bucket list -Scooter in Paris (previous pinner said that, I thought it was funny :)

Paris, France

indonesian sunset

Beach in somewhere I haven’t been there

Beautiful photography of Kaaba, Mecca.

Mecca & Madina

this is my forever dream to go.

30 days challenge - day 4

day 4 : the meaning behind your tumblr name


my tumblr name : nicegirlintown


the reason was: I don’t really know about this, but when I started to make this blog, I just wrote this title without event thinking

maybe because it sounds cool for me. that’s all.